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  • November 2012
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    1. The Basics

    • Name: Tiberia Crowe
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 48
    • Skin Color: Tan, with a weathered look about her.
    • Gameplay Bonuses: Bonuses to exploration.
    • Backstory: Tiberia began as all of us do, a little girl in swaddling clothes. Her family was poor, but close, consisting of her mother and her maternal grandfather. Her Grandpa Tiberius was a tough old bird who taught her the ins-and-outs of her true love and her life's work: machines. She hopped aboard a ship out of her home in the Midlands after he died, and never looked back. After years of saving and working her way up as a ship's mechanic, she finally afforded her own frigate, the Saint Tiberius, or the Saint for short. As a captain, she's hard, but fair. She's the type who can look on disaster with a cool eye. Though never formally educated, you'll never find another engineer as fine as Tiberia.

    2. Their Face

    • Eye Color: Bottle green
    • Eye Shape: Squinting
    • Eyebrows: Thin and arched
    • Nose: Big crooked honker
    • Mouth: A crooked smirk
    • Facial Details: A small scar under her right eye.
    • Facial Accessories: One earring, a machine bolt, slotted through the upper left ear cartilidge. Looks like a modern industrial piercing.

    3. Their Hair

    • Hair Color: Red, but going gray. Almost entirely salt-and-pepper now.
    • Hair Length: Shoulder-length.
    • Hair Style: In a fat braid.
    • Hair Accessories: She has a sun pendant woven into her braid. (Pendent could look like this: click link)

    4. Their Upper Body

    • Shirt/Top: A trenchcoat with myriad pockets filled with mechanical tidbits.
    • Neck/Neck Items: Thin, long neck with a locket around it, in the same shape as the pendant (the sun).
    • Arms: Thin
    • Arm Accessories/Details: N/A
    • Gloves: A pair of greasy leather engineer's gloves.

    5. Their Lower Body

    • Pants/Shorts: Pants (Whatever you lovely design-types think would fit.)
    • Boots/Shoes: Combat boots that come up to her mid-calf.

    6. Their Ship

    No captain is complete without their ship!

    • Ship Name: The Saint Tiberius
    • Ship Type: Frigate
    • Color Scheme: Red, gold, and black.
  • November 2012
    Post: 2

    Looks cool!  Sadly... I don't think we can name the ship Firefly unless you have permission from The Joss himself :-/ 
  • November 2012
    Post: 3

    Oh, sure thing. The Saint Tiberius, with Tiberius as the Grandpa's name, and then it can be called The Saint for short? Would that work?
  • November 2012
    Post: 4

    Sure :-)
  • November 2012
    Post: 5

    Updated the post to reflect that!
  • November 2012
    Post: 6

    Ooh, nice. I love that she's middle-aged and that she has a crooked nose.
  • November 2012
    Post: 7

    I thought it unlikely that she get to her age, and be as awesome as she is in my head, without having broken her nose once or twice. Also, if it helps, I picture her as tall, thin, and gangly.