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  • November 2012
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    Your Captain - An Outline

    Remember that you should provide reference images as needed!

    1. The Basics

    • Name: Harcourt Fineas Mallybuster
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 50, but looks older
    • Skin Color: Sun-tanned and wind-blasted
    • Gameplay Bonuses: Bonus to combat and bartering
    • Backstory: Harcourt Fineas Mallybuster is a man of the skies. No one knows where he came from, he keeps that part of his past secret. He used to be fighter pilot and pirate-hunter in his younger days, until he got his legs shot off by a pirate. He crashed in the mountains of the mountains of the Southlands where he was found by a herder's son and nursed back to health. He designed and built his artificial legs, incorporating shock absorbers, stabilizers and even a small steam-engine for running. Harcourt if faster on his new legs than he ever was on his old legs. He repaid his debt to the herdsman's family by taking up trading and getting the best price for the goods he sold. He has quick reflexes and a very keen danger sense that aids him in fighting, and his use of ship's weapons in eerily uncanny. It is said Harcourt could talk the jewels out of a sultan's crown and shoot down a dozen ships in one shot. He loves to fly and can always be found on his ship the Lady Luck. When asked about the name he will tell you,"Lady Luck saved my life that day my fighter went down, and I'll honor her to my dying breath." Honor, dignity, compassion and kindness are things the captain lives by and holds dear, but get him riled or try to cheat him and he's a nightmare worse than anything out of boot camp!! No one knows if he is married or has a family, he just tells people the Lady Luck is his wife and the sky is his home. However, every summer he disappears for a month or two, and no one knows where he goes or what he does in that time. His main trading partner is the herdsman who saved his life. Harcourt Fineas Mallybuster is a captain's captain, a man of quiet dignity and unquestioned dedication to his ship and crew.

    2. Their Face

    • Eye Color: Lavender
    • Eye Shape: Squinting (kind of like Popeye)
    • Eyebrows: Bushy (like the captain from Star Blazers)
    • Nose: thin and hawk-like
    • Mouth: Smiling
    • Facial Details: a knife-scar that runs from right eye to chin, lines and crags, weather-beaten skin, like a sailor who has spent to many years in the open elements. He has a full bushy beard and full bushy mustache.
    • Facial Accessories: Military Pilots shades

    3. Their Hair

    • Hair Color: White
    • Hair Length: just above the neck
    • Hair Style: Crumpled from his captain's hat and the wind blowing through his hair. Kind of like Doc's from Back to the Future.
    • Hair Accessories: none

    4. Their Upper Body

    • Shirt/Top: an old naval coat over a dark-blue sweater (the coat is like the one worn by the captain on Star Blazers)
    • Neck/Neck Items: A gold chain with silver pilot's wings hang from his neck
    • Arms: Muscular and tight
    • Arm Accessories/Details: His coat arm is marked by gold braids and 10 wing-shaped chevrons.
    • Gloves: He wears white military gloves most of the time, but removes them when he is mending lines, repairing his ship and other physical labors.

    5. Their Lower Body

    • Pants/Shorts: His artificial legs are navy blue and made from a light-weight yet very strong metal.(hte equivalent of titanium mixed with adamantium)
    • Boots/Shoes: His artificial legs end in naval officer's boots

    6. Drapery

    • Drapery: none
    • Drapery Description: [Color, patterning, etc.]

    7. The Hat

    • Hat Description: He wears a naval captain's hat with the symbol of a hawk holding a ship in it's talons in the front, with a wide, black bill.
    • Hat Accessories: other than the hawk symbol is a set of gold and silver pilot's wings on each side of the hat set to either side of the ear.

    8. Other Accessories

    • He carries a cutlass sheathed on his right side and a steam-powered pistol holstered on his left.

    9. Their Ship

    No captain is complete without their ship!

    • Ship Name: Lady Luck
    • Ship Type: Freighter
    • Color Scheme: blue on the bottom to match the sky and white on top to blend in to the clouds.


    There you have it! A formula to help us start creating your captains. Please fill out as much of the above as you can, to the best or your ability. We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  • November 2012
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    I very much enjoyed reading the backstory here, and I can already picture Captain Mallybuster in my head. Fun character!
  • November 2012
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    This Mallybuster fellow sounds like a proper gentleman and scholar!!
  • January 2013
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    Thank You :)