• November 2012
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    1. The Basics

        Name: Maya Athelas
        Gender: Female
        Age: Early 20s
        Skin Color: Average to pale
        Gameplay Bonuses: Good at stealth and sneakiness.  Bad at trading and diplomacy.
        Backstory: Most captains earn their ships.  It's said that Maya stole hers from the North Wind - one night she came sailing in front of the most bitter storm in memory, at the helm of a fine, sleek ship, laughing madly at the pursuing thunder.  She didn't quite escape scot-free, though, Winter itself marked her as its own with his mark.  Now she plies the skies with a cool, unearthly calm, just a step away from turning to ice herself.

    2. Their Face

        Eye Color: Dark Green.
        Eye Shape: Almond, tilted up at the outside edges
        Eyebrows: Medium at the nose, thinning gradually to the outside
        Nose: Thin, with a slightly upturned tip
        Mouth: A sardonic half-smile
        Facial Details: A thin scar running from the middle of the right eyebrow vertically to the hairline.
        Facial Accessories: none

    3. Their Hair

        Hair Color: Silver
        Hair Length: Just past shoulder length
        Hair Style: Straight, a bit wind-blown, parted on the left in front.
        Hair Accessories: One small gold comb over each ear

    4. Their Upper Body

        Shirt/Top: A navy blue bolero jacket, open, worn over a white blouse with ruffles at the neck and sleeves.
        Neck/Neck Items: Thin, with what appears to be a tattoo of a dark blue snowflake on the left side, the skin around it unnaturally white.
        Arms: Wiry, well-muscled
        Arm Accessories/Details: A compass, worn like a wristwatch on the left wrist
        Gloves: none

    5. Their Lower Body

        Pants/Shorts: Loose navy blue pantaloons tucked into the boots
        Boots/Shoes: Calf-length leather boots, deep red in color.

    6. Drapery

        Drapery: none
        Drapery Description: none

    7. The Hat

        Hat Description: none
        Hat Accessories: none

    8. Other Accessories


    9. Their Ship

        Ship Name: Winter's kiss
        Ship Type: Frigate
        Color Scheme: Black hull with gold trim, silver sails emblazoned with an array of navy colored snowflakes