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  • December 2012
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    Name: Madeline "Madie" Halifax
    Gender: Female
    Age: 40
    Skin Color: Tanned
    Gameplay Bonuses: Mostly exploration, with enough combat to give her some amount of toughness.
    Backstory: I'm not exactly up on the Steam Bandits lore. However, as this character is inspired by the reboot Lara Croft (plus 20 years) something based upon that premise would work. Perhaps this means she is a Northlander. She is an educated adventurer, steeped in the lore of the Steam Bandits world, and still eager to discover more. However given that she's twice as old as Lara Croft, she's seen relatively more of what your world has to offer and knows her way around. She's also more efficient at getting to whatever she intends to get at (or you send her to find). Less prone to get distracted by the sights along the way. Has seen a lot and prepares for everything. Hence, she is a gym rat and does her homework.  Likely has developed a dark sense of humor.  

    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Eye Shape: Narrow, focused 
    Eyebrows: Artist preference.
    Nose: Artist preference.
    Mouth: Artist preference. For mouth/nose/eyebrows, features leaning towards as harsh/defined as the Steam Bandits style allows for would be my instinct. If that makes sense.
    Facial Details: Scars would be fine, if artist(s) deem them fitting.
    Facial Accessories: If she has goggles, put around neck.

    Hair Color: Aveline red (the other inspiration for this character is Aveline from Dragon Age 2)
    Hair Length: Artist preference.
    Hair Style: Artist preference. Lara Croft-like ponytail would be fine but whatever looks good.
    Hair Accessories: Artist preference.

    Shirt/Top: Athletic tank, with appropriately Steampunk versions of this http://www.amazon.com/Covert-Escape-Flashlight-Camera-Cycling/dp/B000MMQXHA/ref=pd_sbs_sg_or_8&tag=651998669-20
    Neck/Neck Items: Goggles around neck would be fine. Or nothing.
    Arms/Build: Basically think reboot Lara Croft multiplied by Dara Torres.
    http://imgur.com/a/RGJNS for Dara Torres references
    Arm Accessories/Details: Scars would be fine, if artist(s) deem them fitting.
    Gloves: Climbing gloves.

    Pants/Shorts: Shorts? Artist preference. But ideally she's ripped so showing arms? Thighs? Go for it. With appropriately steampunk version of this (though any equivalent harness will do fine).
    Boots/Shoes: Something rugged and no-nonsense. Mountain boots would work.

    Drapery: None.
    Drapery Description: None

    Hat Description: None
    Hat Accessories: None

    Other Accessories: Possibilities include a climbing axe, bowie knife, pistol (a steampunk version of a Luger perhaps), binoculars, compass. Whatever there's room for/makes sense.

    Ship Name: The Isaiah (I like the idea of her subverting the usual "ships named after women" tradition)
    Ship Type: Frigate
    Color Scheme: Utilitarian, so probably wood + white sails. Perhaps slightly worse for wear overall.  It may not look like much but he's got it where it counts, kid.
  • December 2012
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    I keep worrying about whether or not a link to the movie - and the implicit suggestion you guys watch it if you aren't already familiar - isn't really sufficient detail.

    Instead of worrying further, I hereby waive my right to be disappointed with whatever the artists make of this request.  I'll be happy regardless!
  • April 2013
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    Lindsey let me know I could change this due to no work having been done on my original request for David Ryder yet.

    So here's new update.