• December 2012
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    1. The Basics

    • Name: Amyndrisa Drake
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: Late 20s
    • Skin Color: Pale
    • Gameplay Bonuses: Amyndrisa has a bonus to speed!
    • Backstory:
      The daughter of one of the most well known pirate hunter captains for the Kingdom, Amyndrisa lived a charmed life and was well known in the upper class circles in the Kingdom. However, her father's success caught up to him when two rival Pirate Lords pooled their resources and lured her father into a trap and destroyed his flagship The Golden Doe with a combined fleet. Upon that day, she swore vengeance to bring her father's killer to justice. Taking advantage of her social standing, she attended the finest military naval academies the Kingdom had to offer. Upon graduation, she purchased a small ship and started her mission of revenge. She is known as a quick and nimble Piratess who makes up for her ships lack of size with daring and the willingness to push it to the edge.

    2. Their Face

    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Eye Shape: Relaxed
    • Eyebrows: Medium thickness, curved
    • Nose: Small
    • Mouth: Rarely smiles
    • Facial Details: Freckled
    • Facial Accessories: None

    3. Their Hair

    • Hair Color: Blonde
    • Hair Length: Small of her back length
    • Hair Style: Straight, but in a ponytail
    • Peek-a-boo style bangs over her right eye.
    • Hair Accessories: Red ponytail tie.

    4. Their Upper Body

    • Shirt/Top: As a graduate of the Empire's military academy and still wealthy due to her father's successes, she wears a half plate armor, similar to the picture, but silver with gold trimming. Light blue highlights can be incorporated into her armor if the silver/gold is too bland. I leave the colors to an artist more talented than I!
    • Neck/Neck: She has a thin neck and has a silver necklace of a cross studded with diamonds.
    • Arms: Thin and toned.
    • Arm Accessories/Details: Silver Bracers with gold trimmings.
    • Gloves: White gloves

    5. Their Lower Body

    • Pants/Shorts: Her half plate has a skirt bottom. Imagine a pleated skirt, but each "pleat" is actually a metal plate. Like her armor, it is silver with gold trim (possibly light blue)
    • Boots/Shoes: She has metal boots that culminate into a knee protector (see image of Lenneth Valkyrie above).  Again, the silver/gold trim (possibly light blue)
    6. Drapery

    • None

    7. The Hat

    • None

    8. Other Accessories

    • She always has a sword in her belt sheathe, as she was trained in the art of dueling.  Again, similar silver/gold colow scheme.
    9. Their Ship

    • Ship Name: The Golden Fawn
    • Ship Type: Frigate. A smaller, faster, nimbler ship just like herself.
    • Color Scheme: White and Gold