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  • Gek December 2012
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    December 2012
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    Name: Zakair Kipchaen
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 30ish
    • Skin Color: Tanned
    • Gameplay Bonuses: Massive Bonus to Speed (at the cost of range) and Combat (in close quarters), no good at Trade
    • Backstory: Growing up bored in the Northlands, Captain Zikair decided early on in life to fight for everything since to him fighting is the best kind of fun. He joined the ranks of the military and quickly fought his way into an officer billet, only to find himself bored with the usual practice of chasing down pirates and gunning them from afar. Because of this, he decided on his infamous "Combat for everyone" policy, training his entire crew in close quarters combat and boarding action for the many times he would ram enemy ships. His penchant for boarding culminated in the infamous Tenship Island Pile-Up, where he rammed and boarded an allied dreadnought in order to get to an enemy ship on the other side. After he left the military he commissioned a ship with a reinforced bulkhead design and massive cutting blade designed for the sole purpose of chasing down and ramming enemy targets, but forgot to name it, and now enjoys the dubious reputation of having the most boarding actions of any Captain to ever sail the skies, often personally leading them when he thinks he can get in a good fight. Despite his enthusiasm for violence, he does have a sort of honor between opponents, often letting enemy captains go with their lives (so that they can improve for a new fight) unless they refuse to stop fighting. When he isn’t on his personal ship he’s still capable of manning any vessel with a weapon, just don’t ask him to be diplomatic unless there’s massive damage to be done. When there is damage to be done, rumors say that Zakair really doesn’t need the eye patch…

    2. The Face

    • Eye Color: Green
    • Eye Shape: Excited
    • Eyebrows: None
    • Nose: Thin
    • Mouth: Smirking
    • Facial Details: Long scar down left side of face
    • Facial Accessories: Eyepatch

    3. Their Hair

    • Hair Color: Black
    • Hair Length: Shoulder Length
    • Hair Style: Edged and feathered at back, ponytail
    • Hair Accessories: Hair tie

    4. Upper Body

    • Shirt/Top: Military Issue choker-collared officer’s coat, black (sleeves ripped off)
    • Neck/Neck Items: Thick neck, Captain’s rank
    • Arms: Thin, well-muscled
    • Arm Accessories/Details: #11 tattoo on left arm
    • Gloves: None

    5. Lower Body

    • Pants/Shorts: Black pants
    • Boots/Shoes: Steel-toed boots w’ external steel plates, Black

    6. Drapery

    • Drapery: No capes!
    • Drapery Description: NO CAPES!

    7. The Hat

    • Hat Description: Optional. Black officer’s command hat
    • Hat Accessories: Golden hawk center plate.

    8. Other Accessories
    • Sword, very large.

    9. Their Ship

    • Ship Name: Unregistered Frigate
    • Ship Type: Frigate
    • Color Scheme: White Hull, Gold-painted rear rudders. Blade colored silver with large focusing crystal at point to light up forward targets.

  • Gek
    December 2012
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    The Hat ^
    The Uniform (Minus Gloves and Sleeves and with a duster-like tail) ^ v
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    December 2012
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  • Gek
    December 2012
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    Seem to be having a lot of trouble posting images from my computer, the linked images from websites worked fine though :/