• December 2012
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    1. The Basics

    • Name: Persephone Claringbold
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 25
    • Skin Color: Pale (with a hint of mixed ancestry)
    • Gameplay Bonuses: Exploration
    • Backstory: Persephone is an orphaned girl of unknown origins, with her parents likely coming from the Midlands and the Northlands. As a child she never felt like she fit in at the orphanage and would spend her days at the docks dreaming of a way to escape. At age 14, she stowed away on a freighter. The owner of the freighter, Friedrich, was a kindly trader who specialized in long distance routes and instead of throwing her off the ship at the next port, took her under his wing. With Friedrich as her mentor, Persephone quickly grew to be multilingual and he encouraged her desire to explore by teaching her cartography. Eventually Persephone took over the freighter when Friedrich retired and while she continues the trading business her mentor started, she is at her heart an explorer and will take any trading expedition which will take her to new destinations. She keeps a pen and journal near by to record all of her experiences.

    2. Their Face

    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Eye Shape: Excited, Big but not round.
    • Eyebrows: Thick but not bushy
    • Nose: A little flat and a little crooked
    • Mouth: Laughing
    • Facial Details: Lots of freckles
    • Facial Accessories: None.
    3. Their Hair

    • Hair Color: Dark Brown
    • Hair Length: Long
    • Hair Style: In a braid like this picture image
    • Hair Accessories: The braid is tied with a dark red ribbion.

    4. Their Upper Body

    • Shirt/Top: A dark brown trench coat which is well worn and has many pockets and a very pale green blouse
    • Neck/Neck Items: The neck is thin. She wears a silver locket.
    • Arms: Lightly muscular
    • Arm Accessories/Details: Nothing
    • Gloves: Gloves with the fingers cut off.

    5. Their Lower Body

    • Pants/Shorts: Brown leather pants (old and comfortable... good for exploring)
    • Boots/Shoes: Riding boots with buckles on the side.

    6. Drapery

    • Drapery: None
    • Drapery Description: None

    7. The Hat

    • Hat Description: A dark coloured fedora
    • Hat Accessories: A ribbon around the head part.

    8. Other Accessories

    • The boots have enough room to hide a dagger in each one.
    • Persephone wears a belt where you can attach all sort of things like a compass, some rope and other things you need for exploring and map making.

    9. Their Ship

    No captain is complete without their ship!

    • Ship Name: A Winter's Dream
    • Ship Type: Freighter
    • Color Scheme: Dark Brown with some dark purple and some light green