• February 2013
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    1. The Basics

    Name: Aislynn Far-Reacher
    Gender: Female
    Age: It's not polite to ask :)
    Skin Color: Pale/Average
    Gameplay Bonuses: Bonuses to trade and combat defense
    Backstory: Midlander born to wealthy merchant parents; raised/trained in bartering/trade/economics/air-ship captaining with specific focus into combat defense/maneuvering/protecting cargo.  Considerable beauty and physical aspects definitely contribute to successful trading in a largely male field, although also very personable/charming/endearing with women.  Very bright and resourceful.  She was tutored by the very best, including cultural training on the known realms.  She is well-versed in determining precisely what is most-desired by her trading partners and has always been seen as fair and honest.  Her companion Black is her personal bodyguard/right-hand/tactical tutor and is a mostly-reformed, infamous pirate captain that was drawn to her both by attraction and possible business opportunities.

    2. Their Face (see images)

    Eye Color: Hazel (emerald base, light rust brown flecks)
    Eye Shape: Relaxed; sultry
    Eyebrows: Thin, shaped
    Nose: Normal to petite
    Mouth: Smiling with sultry allure
    Facial Details: Pristine skin with very light facial make-up
    Facial Accessories: Multiple earrings

    3. Their Hair (see images)

    Hair Color: Blackish-brown
    Hair Length: A bit longer than shoulder length but worn up (see Lady Clankington photo)
    Hair Style: Loose put-up  (see Lady Clankington photo)
    Hair Accessories: None

    4. Their Upper Body (see images)

    Shirt/Top: Corsetted bustier with white shirt shoulder top/sleeves under steampunk accoutrements
    Neck/Neck Items: Silk ribbon choker with gold dragonfly with gold filigree wings (think more real dragonfly wings dipped in gold, not odd looking, unnatural pattern) and jeweled eyes (and possibly body whichever looks better; also possibly a small bit of jewel in the wings)
    Arms: Normally proportioned
    Arm Accessories/Details: steampunk accoutrements
    Gloves: see images, especially Lady Close Details

    5. Their Lower Body (see images)

    Pants/Shorts: Fishnet stockings (under western style skirt)
    Boots/Shoes: High-calf leather boots with heel (Lady Basic Full Style)

    6. Drapery (see images)

    Drapery: Skirt
    Drapery Description: Black or Purple (or whatever color looks best in animation)

    7. The Hat

    Hat Description: A miniature top hat, cocked off to right side; essentially just an adornment pinned/resting atop her hair
    Hat Accessories: Whatever design/coloring/adornment looks good (or leave hat off entirely if it does not work well/look good)

    8. Other Accessories

    Blunderbuss pistol on belt.

    9. Their Ship

    No captain is complete without their ship!

    Ship Name: Castaway's Fancy (see ship submission)
    Ship Type: Capable of accommodating all roles

    Lady Basic Full Style:

    Lady Clankington:

    Lady Close Detail:

    Lady Full:

    Lady's Clankington's (Sarah's) permission:

    Blunderbuss pistol: