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  • December 2013
    Post: 1

    Since some of the old Hyperbol players might have new names on this forum, go ahead and introduce yourself and who you were from the Hyperbol days :-)
  • January 2014
    Post: 2

    Moved to the intro place ~ Lol
  • April 2014
    Post: 3

    Wow love the new forums. I have kept the same name. Old time Hyperbole player here.
  • October 2015
    Post: 4

    Hi, I am new and I need my game reset accidentally tried on all the clothes and lost all my armor because my old clothes have level 19 armor but the guy is only 11- I just need to start over and re-fight  the two level that I did rats in griffin and reddit land and now way to weak to fight atmid pirates!
  • October 2015
    Post: 5

    Hi Lilybloom! You don't need the devs to reset your SB:O game any more. You can do it yourself!
    Just get into the game, log in, then push the options button in the very top right corner.
    Click the option that says "Delete character". Then you will have to check a box and click "Confirm".
    I think there is another screen after that where you have to type the word "DELETE" or something... Then you will be able to start right from the beginning again!

  • November 2018
    Post: 6

    Hello everyone, new player harmony... This game is totally interesting, i like it... Cheers