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  • January 2014
    Post: 1

    I just bought this game last night, and i am lv 10 but there are no more quest for me to do,
    Only i can send my captain on missions.  i did finished all quest and my log book is empty :)
    Also is it possible to create a new character ?

    greetings Rose
  • January 2014
    Post: 2

    Some of the quests will reset each day for you to do, they're still in the process of adding more in.  The steam store's game description has a general timeline of what they plan to add, and when.

    It's a one character per client game, when it's released on other clients (like iOS) you can probably make other characters if you want (however they'll be their own accounts, so you won't have access to your iocane points or bonuses), or you can access the same character on all clients.  There'll be a lot more content at that point including having multiple islands for you to customize.

    Edit: Don't forget you can send your captain to go find islands that you can explore.
  • January 2014
    Post: 3

    We have a few things in mind regarding this. We are considering some ideas about characters right now, we will keep everyone updated as we move along.

    As for quests, we only have a fraction of our content currently in the game. :)