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  • February 2014
    Post: 1

    I downloaded the game from steam have used my cd-key and made a account but it say invaldid version. How do i fix this ? I downloaded it twice in last 5 mins
  • February 2014
    Post: 2

    The server is down right now for a new patch. That's probably the problem. Wait until it comes back up and Steam downloads an update, then try again.
  • February 2014
    Post: 3

    Oh lame lol. Thanks for the quick info.
  • February 2014
    Post: 4

    They said it would be a few hours, and has been about 3 hours so far. So shouldn't be too long now.
  • February 2014
    Post: 5


    I just bought the game, and I am really keen to try it out. I'm just wondering how much longer the server will still be done for?
  • February 2014
    Post: 6

    Hmm, looks like another 30 minutes.  I'm pushing the patch to Steam now :-)
  • February 2014
    Post: 7

    Yay! :D
    The update is downloading now!
  • February 2014
    Post: 8

    Is there supposed to be a fourth graphics quality called editor?