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  • February 2014
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    Atmid Island, Oupost Program - Atmid Island Preparation Quest. When I arrived on the Island, there were about 7 rats in the general playing area. For the first part of the quest - chop three trees and kill 3 rats, I killed all the rats (72HP), one of whom happened to be the Boss (100HP). From the Boss I got a non-cash reward - Atmid Defensive Shoes and Rat Fur. The second part of the quest is to kill the Boss Rat - and at this point the cavern starts glowing. Knowing I was low on health, I exit the Island and return. Talk to the lead hand (sorry, forgotten his name) and now the Boss quest is fulfilled.

    The cavern is still glowing orange while I fill the third part of the quest - build the office and hangar. I go back to the cavern, and sure enough entice the Boss out (220HP). After that Boss is dead, I get the same Boss reward again (Atmid Defensive Shoes and rat Fur). In my Inventory, there are now two sets of Atmid Defensive Shoes. I doubt this is intentional, so I thought you might want to know… X
  • February 2014
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    Hello Xyxthus!

    Yes those monsters aren't supposed to be there! I shall fix that for you guys and hopefully have that submitted soon. 

    Thank you for the quick responses to the new patch :)