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  • September 2012
    Post: 1

    I was wondering if there were any other kickstarter projects that people are backing?

    I've got a few I'm quite excited about (in addition to steam bandits of course :P)!

    If you like RPGs and boy I do love some RPGs go check out Obsidian's project eternity!! 1.1 million in a day, it would be awesome to get something deep like planescape :D~

    I'm also a sucker for pretty pixel art and nice music!! This one is definitely under-appreciated/should get more funding!

    Any other projects people are really psyched about?

  • September 2012
    Post: 2

    I backed Project Eternity the other day.  Looking forward to that as well.  I suppose it goes without saying but I also backed the shit out of Ouya.  That's going to be amazing.

  • September 2012
    Post: 3

    Since Ouya is also based on the android platform (ice cream sandwhich, yum). It probably would not be difficulut to port specially since this is a Unity engine game... That said, it's better to hear it straight from the source.

  • September 2012
    Post: 4

    In terms of actively open projects, right now I'm only in on the Bero project (
    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/realityrobotics/be-the-robot-bero-bluetooth-controlled-open-source )

    I am probably going to take a break from Kickstarting for a bit though, as I've backed quite a large number of projects since becoming interested back in March, and I need to rebuild my petty cash fund to start making noise again - of course, this will only last as long as something doesn't catch my eye.  Project Eternity is definitely something I've been looking at, having had a reasonably good experience with Obsidian games through the years.

    I'm definitely interested to hear what others are jumping in on though, so hopefully this thread will get some play. :-D
  • October 2012
    Post: 5

    Huh.. that's a pretty cool project! Really reminds me of the Lego mindstorms I got to play around with a long long time ago :P

    Found another cool project that needs help badly, a really promising concept too! 


    EDIT: Also I really need to stop using the :P emoticons.... it's too much of a habit now >_< (see: http://www.eatliver.com/i.php?n=7564)
  • May 2014
    Post: 6

    Dead State looks really good, zombie survival RPG say no more
    for all you Fallout fans you don't want to miss out on Wasteland 2
    and god what i wouldn't give to play Cyberpunk right now
    Folk Tale for another city builder type game
    Kenshi shows real potential for a Samurai/city builder RPG