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  • March 2014
    Post: 1

    So I've been playing for a while but no matter what I collect, I cannot open the Items menu. (I assume it's the bag on the top)
    Also, I purchased the mega-pack with the 800 coin-things and that robot & dragon, but I can't find them anywhere. Did I spend all the money for nothing? :(
    Or do I at least keep them (/or get them somehow) when the new versions come out?

    Well, would be nice to know, thanks. :)
  • March 2014
    Post: 2

    The inventory button has not been implemented yet, but you do seem to have one. If you go into upgrade/shop menus, you can see how much you have of an item.

    Those pesky robot & dragon are hiding in the Companion Habitat! Once you place that on your island you can have them roam your island or join you on your adventures!