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  • March 2014
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    There's been a few topics on camera movement, and we're now ready to start making some changes!  How does this sound to you guys:

    • Camera movement stays the same when adventuring (camera is locked on your character)
    • When you're in your outpost, the camera is the same as adventuring (locked to your character), but you can zoom out entirely until your whole island is in view.
    • When moving buildings on your island, the camera is not locked to you.  You can move the camera freely until you are finished with placement mode.

    Let me know if you'd like this system better, or if you have suggestions :-)

  • March 2014
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    I think the camera being locked to my character on my home island is something I won't know if I like until I see it implemented.
    When I'm tapping (Android) to pick up items/money from a building, or tapping to send a captain on a mission, my captain currently tends to run over to that building.
    So, I could imagine it being annoying if when I tap on my first tavern she runs off and the camera moves so I mis-tap when trying to collect the next tavern (etc)
    If it does end up being a lock to character camera, then maybe an option to toggle that off/on?

    Also, would it be possible to use whatever camera movement we have on our outposts on islands where we're not exploring/adventuring (like Atmid/Runner's Rest) so we can zoom in and out?
  • May 2014
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    I'm having a hell of a time trying to click on some islands to jetpack maybe being able to move that map a tad would be nice not just locked in place and having to find that sweet spot to click to hop the island
  • May 2014
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    Remember that pressing F9 removes the UI, so it leaves more space to click those hard-to-reach islands.

    Alternatively, if you're playing the game in Windows, you can just go from full screen to windowed.
    If you make then the window much longer than higher, the maps rescales and shows much more of the map.
  • May 2014
    Post: 5

    I didn't know about the F9 good looking out great advice