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  • March 2014
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    It's very disheartening to run up to a resource and be told you can't even touch it until you have 20 in some stat, especially when you have to be level 10 and have a crafting shop at level 5 and have a ton of resources just to reach level 14.  Makes it seem hopeless and discourages the player from trying.

    So how about removing those level requirements and base the harvesting on the players current stats?

    If I have 5 luck then I should get 5 waters, while having 24 weaponry gets me 24 wood.  A 0 engineering should still get me a 1 ore/flox since you have to do a lot of leveling and craft building in order to make something that boosts your engineering.  "Small" resources could get you half the amount you'd normally receive (with a minimum of 1) while "Large" piles of goodies gets you half again more.  This will give the player incentive to increase stats without punishing them for not being superman at the start of the game.

    And why can't your captains help gather resources?  If I have a 0 engineering but one of the two captains with me has 20, why can't they help me collect ore?
  • March 2014
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    But then you'd have to change your loadout each time you pick up a new resource just to make sure you didn't waste it.

    With all the extra equipment I found adventuring, the only one I had difficulty attaining was 25 engineering

    Totally agree with the captains though
  • March 2014
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    That's the beauty of my proposal, you don't have to change your gear with every resource unless you want to.  Believe it or not, that vast majority of people who play games don't micromanage every single aspect all the time.  They make a balance they like then go out and have fun until something better comes along that prompts them to re-juggle their stats.  Only a very small, tiny, infinitesimal number of gamers will have a strong desire to swap out gear with every resource they run across.  And they'll probably enjoy squeezing out every last item they can.

    For example, World of Warcraft had a very vocal minuscule minority clamoring for the ability to quickly swap out gear between normal play and raids.  Thinking there was more demand than actually was, Blizzard implemented the feature.  Guess what?  Less than 2% ever use it regularly, but they're an extremely noisy 2% so Blizzard can't remove it without a jihad taking place in their forums.

    Most players would only consider it when they need a specific resource.  Like if they need a lot of wood they'd increase their weaponry skill, then play the game without giving it a second thought until they needed more ore and increase their engineering.

    Of course this is all moot.  Without a way to quickly and easily check the stats on clothing nobody will be doing anything like this because who wants to go through thirty different gloves just to find the one that has the highest engineering?
  • March 2014
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    I can speak to this.
    I'm one of those players who would rather throw up my hands and walk away form the resource than pick through everything I've accumulated (which can be quite a lot in terms of some clothing items) to find the 3-4 things I need to change to to be able to gather this or that.

    I will change my weapon and maybe a wrist/glasses accessory if I know I can do those things and get to the number I need. But more typically I tend to pick up what I can get without changing gear, delete the island and move on.
  • March 2014
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    Some great points and solutions in this topic!

    Your posts have brought this to our attention and we are definitely going to take another look at skill-check resource collection. No promises as to if it will be changed or how, but we will let you know what comes about from this.

    If anyone has further ideas/comments regarding it, please post! Your feedback is what we need to make this game the best it can be.
  • April 2014
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    Another possible solution would be to calculate the best skill score the player could reach for each skill by re-dressing (from inventory or the party captains), and use this maxed out score for harvesting instead of the current value. Basically, this is the same as the current system except with all the gear changing happening automatically behind the player's back. Downside is that these mechanics are a bit complicated, so it would be necessary to present them to the player in a way that is easy to understand.
  • May 2014
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    Leave the system the way it is, all you need to add is a 1 click outfit swap then at that point you just carry a engineering and luck outfit and have your combat outfit and cycle between the 3  with 1 easy click .
    the part that makes no darn sense is the Req 25 luck/eng  woohoo i just got 18 Iron WTF
    and on another island hit a 16 req node and get 350 resources
  • May 2014
    Post: 8

    You're missing the point.  Players have to work their way up to level 14 before they can make items that get their stats up enough to harvest some resources.  That means when they explore islands they're told over and over again that they can't even touch all of those resources they keep running across unless that I have a very high stat.  How would you feel is you walked down a street lined with ice cream stores displaying "FREE ICE CREAM" signs, only to find the doors locked with the warning "Must have bachelor's degree in engineering to enter."

    Not a good way to get people hooked on a new game.