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  • April 2014
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    In the future, could you have the missions scale the rewards in accordance to the captain's level and stats?  It's kind of discouraging to send a level 1 captain with low weapon skill and a level 17 captain with epic levels of weaponry on a lumber gathering mission and have them both come back with just 4 wood.
  • April 2014
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    We're actually going to be overhauling the captain mission system entirely.  What you see in their now is alllll temp :-)

    The new system will have a clear interface regarding what missions are available and what rewards they offer.  It will also show missions that are beyond the captain's skill, but can be attempted at a high risk.
  • April 2014
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    And postcards?
  • April 2014
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    Something close to that.  We do want to have some way for a captain to report back how the mission is going.  Still tossing around ideas :-)