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  • April 2014
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    Hey folks, one of the things the team has been thinking about is custom content created for a fee.  Path of Exile did this and it seemed to work well for them.  

    Here are a few examples:
    • Name a weapon ($50)
    • Name a pet ($50)
    • Name a captain ($100)
    • Design a pet ($500)
    • Design a decoration ($500)

    Those costs are just examples.  None of this is set yet.  First I wanted to get some thoughts on it, and also see if there's stuff you guys would like to see offered.
  • April 2014
    Post: 2

    Looks good.  I always thought this would be a good way to bring in extra money.  Maybe not the main income device, but worthwhile.

    Custom pets should probably have a few different prices, depending on complexity.  As you've pointed out before, simple changes in the pet skin are easier while completely new creations take more time and effort.  Someone who wants a tiger (different colors, enlarged cat model) should be charged less than the steampunk penguin I'd ask for.

    Decorations should also range in prices based on how much work is involved.  Flowers could be a lot easier to change than trees, and it might be interesting to offer discounts for entire sets, like a Japanese garden, where separate components could be sold to other players.

    I would also suggest "Design Your Own Island" so people can have islands in different shapes.