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  • We Want Your Feedback on Where You Prefer to Colorize Your Equipment!
  • Discussion in "Feedback" started by SusanLau, May 2014
  • May 2014
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    Hello Skyrunners :D!

    If you did not know, we are going under a UI rehaul and we were considering moving where the current colorize your item button is. Right now, if you didn't know (gosh i hope ya'll know) you can change the color of your clothing in the main equipment screen by clicking the little bottle of dye next to the equipment slot. 

    Now we know one change we are making for sure is that in the colorization screen we want to show the rest of your outfit, that way you can tell how the new colors you pick look with your old items. 

    What we were wondering though is as players, do you like where the current colorize/dye bottle button is now? Because the other option is to have it on the item itself in the equipment selection screen, the screen where you see all those stats when you decide which item you want to wear. 

    If you have time, i would love if you sort of thought about how you want to colorize items, would you mostly only colorize what you were wearing so you'd like to mainly use the current location, or do you think you'd prefer to color lots of items at once so you'd like it in the selection screen? Keep in mind for either scenario the preview window will show all the items, though the zoom in will still be focused on the item you are colorizing so you can't see your shoes if you were coloring your hat. 

    Leave your feedback below :D!
  • May 2014
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    I like the way it is at the moment.
    That is, at the point of of changing your equipment.
    I think it makes sense as you're personalising it for the current captain only.

    Having names for the colours is a great help as it makes it easy to match other items.

    The only thing I'd like is to have the names of the colours to be permanently displayed right underneath each one.
    At the moment it is difficult to see where, say Talia 1 is as opposed to Spyke 3, for example.

  • May 2014
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    Definitely would be good to see how the colour works with the whole outfit. I think having the button where it is now is good.
    Having the colour names showing could be useful, but there are so many and it would take up a lot of room, I think.
  • May 2014
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    I would love to see the color "Invisible" you love the stats of the hat but hate the look on your captain dye it and never see it but have the stats.
    just a thought, i think they did that same thing in Diablo
  • May 2014
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    Hoho don't worry, we have a plan to address that.. hopefully implemented sooner rather than later. 

    Looks like we might keep the colorize button where it is because it seems to make sense for people to focus on their current outfit than future possible ones :)