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  • May 2014
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    I jumped feet first into this game with some nudging from my husband because this is in the sort of genre I tend to like, and well, I am strongly opinionated! I feel like this game has a lot of potential, and it CAN be one of those games I sink far more hours into than may strictly be healthy, but there's a few things *I* would like to see changed. And I'd love to know if anyone agrees with me on any of it.

    COMBAT: First and foremost, I feel like combat it really slow. You've got a great tried and true style going on, and I know it a work in progress, but based on what you have right now, here are some changes I think would work well.
    Speed- Adding a button for everyone to attack, or even just to have the whole team repeat what they did last round I think would be great. At present on a pc I feel like I spend the whole combat just hitting attack and confirming, then waiting to do it over again.
    Accuracy- Combat seems to be getting drawn out forever because my team keeps missing. I wish I could improve their accuracy. Having no one hit for 10+ rounds is just depressing. At level one maybe understandable, but at level 10+ it just feels unacceptable. If there is a way to improve please make it evident! If not, please please please consider it.
    Abilities- I love the abilities that you have now, but honestly I'm craving more. I think that having abilities attatched to weapons is neat (my pickaxe with sunder is great) but I wish the main character had some sort of skills of their own. And maybe more variety for the captains. Having a viable option other than auto attack or heal would make combat a million times more engaging.
    Health-I'd like to be able to see my own hit/mana points!
    Running Away-Running away is not currently an option. I can sort of understand this since we could just heal up adn start over I guess? But It really sucks when you KNOW you're going to lose and don't have a quick way to end it. Maybe add a "surrender" option or something that takes gold, or just sends you back to the start of the zone?

    CREATURE TAMING/BERRIES: I love the multitude of pets that are available to us, and I think that having us tame them with berries is great. But right now, I'm having a really hard time getting said berries. There's like 3 or 4 that pop up everywhere all the time, and the rest, no clue. Common, uncommon, rare islands, doesn't seem to make a difference. So, I thought I'd throw this out there, I'm not sure it would be a terribly popular idea, but I sure love it.

    Why not make a berry farm as a building? It could count as a harvester or whatever, and instead of having to hunt for a bajillion of the same berries to get whatever strikes your fancy, find one and plant it. Maybe impliment a way to get new berries at the farm? Or if that's not your cup of tea, make it easier to find the different varieties. So far getting the rare animals just seems hopeless to me, and I'd like to at least see that it's possible and not 100% chance. 

    CRAFTING: I'm a big crafting fan, but right now it's pretty pointless so far as I can see. You can't really craft anything useful before level 10 when you unlock the second island and can craft ore/iron. And then you end up farming the resource, and honestly I still can't make anything better than I got from the skirmish islands. And I've upgraded as much as I really feel I cas until silica/glass is more widely available to me. I found a few "sidegrades" I can use to help my luck or engineering to harvest things. But all around crafting has been a net loss on my part for tailoring and blacksmithing.
    Weapons-I'd like more variety. Different types of gun maybe, in addition to the pistol maybe add a rifle or musket. On top of swords and pickaxes, you could craft brass knuckles, daggers, or a whip. Maybe invent some awesome steam machine, like the steampunk equivilent of a flamethrower. Ok, so I'm not really after the crazy, I'd just like more options. So far for me there hasn't really been a choice, when I get a new weapon it's such a landslide difference in damage that type doesn't matter.
    Armor-Maybe make it so we can make pieces that do a little bit of everything instead of making keeping a set of gear for each skill actually useful. I'd like one set of gear that does it all. And I'd like to see that kind of gear improve as I level. Or maybe at least get it out there at the end?

    JETPACK: Yes the jetpack gets its own section. Ok, double clicking to move is good and all, but even when I scroll out to max, I can barely see the edge of the islands to the side. It's like a game in and of itself trying to click somewhere it will let me land! Let us scroll out further, or put the islands closer, or make an auto command to island hop please! Or even just let us turn it on and float around on non-combat islands instead of running around.

    RANDOM ISLANDS: A few things about those islands that are only aroun for 24 hours...
    Discard: There should be an auto discard for islands you no longer have contact with. I also think it would be great to allow us to discard more than one at a time.
    Sorting/Labeling: I wish there was a way to tell if I'd been to an island other than visiting it! Maybe just put a little *visited* stamp on it or something? Some islands I've left because I don't have the skills for the items left, or didn't have a jetpack yet etc. Better yet, let us write notes about our islands! Like a little journal so we can tell ourselves if we've been or not! It'd also been nice if we could sort the islands by type and not just by expiration date.

    Well I've about run out of steam *haha -.-* for now. I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks about all this, or if you guys have your own ideas or whatever. I may come back and add more if I think of anything I left out :)

    TLDR: Combat is slow and needs variety. Creature taming can be frustrating. Crafting feels pointless.
  • May 2014
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    This is fantastic feedback!
    Believe it or not, just about every one of these issues are currently on the minds of the design team. Most of them have been planned out to be fixed or improved! Yay! I can't go into nearly as much detail as I would like since a lot of this is still in progress.

    I'll just go down your list and post what I can reveal. LET'S DO THIS~

    Combat: We agree that right now too much time is spent deciding and planning your party attacks and turn order. We are currently making major modifications as to how combat operates. With all the changes we are putting in, combat should be moving a lot faster. Look for these changes soon, I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it.
    -With regards to the "repeat last turn" button, we are hoping the new combat system will be diverse enough so that simply repeating your last attack every time would actually be counter-productive. The idea is still being discussed though! We always love hearing new ideas from the community and we seriously consider them, at times they even make it into the game.
    -As for accuracy, we completely agree. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to land an attack, even at the very beginning of the game with the worst equipment. Simply flat-out missing should be a rare occurrence and only really be a factor when a character has been affected by some kind of "accuracy hindering" status effect or if the opponent has strongly geared/boosted their dodge ability. This is currently being discussed and look for improvements soon.

    Abilities: The current array of abilities is minimal. We plan on adding a huge amount of abilities that serve a much bigger variety of roles and improving the few current ones to be far more useful.
    -Regarding health and energy, the new combat system will allow you to see the health and energy of all characters at all times.
    -Running away idea: I am down to have a friendly debate with you on this if you would like! I believe you are correct in that simply running from battle would have some issues. The enemy would still be blocking your way and you could simply heal and return in order to progress (in which case why not just heal while in battle with one party member and attack with the other? Would save time I think). As for surrendering, though I can see the use for it, in my opinion it would easily become an option users would choose any time they felt they were about to lose a fight, be it in a battle that is just too hard or a battle in which they just made too many mistakes and are losing. It could become the norm, which I am not sure is a good idea. I would rather players simply try out crazy strategies to get through the fight and if they die, learn and improve. With the combat and item improvements players will have some better options to get through tough fights. What do you think?

    Pets/taming: Mwah ah haha! The berry system is very much a work in progress. Look for some really neat changes to come regarding the berry system. We will fine tune it so that getting the rare animals is still quite difficult but not impossible, and not 100% based on luck.

    Crafting: Crafting is getting an overhaul, like many of our other features. I don't want to release a lot of details on it yet since a lot is still under debate, but crafting is going to get a much needed upgrade. Resource production/collection as well.

    Weapons/Armor: Weapons are getting some major changes soon to improve their variety and usefulness. The variety of what you can find and what they can do is getting a major upgrade. It will no longer mean that every weapon you find will be an automatic replacement for what you currently have. I can't wait to release the details on what we have planned, look for it soon!

    Jetpack: Hmmmm.... I think turning the jetpack on and floating might not be a good option, as players could then skip over events/combat/etc, though it would look awesome haha. The trouble you are talking about sounds a bit more like a design bug with some of the islands. If the island(s) are simply too hard to see and to figure out where to click, we need to improve them. I will put down the "auto-hop" idea for discussion with the other designers and see what they think, though! But for now, I would appreciate it if you could mention some of the places where jetpacking has been too difficult so we can address it.

    Random Islands: There is definite room for improvement with discarding and sorting of islands and we will look into it. I am a fan of the notes idea though! Again, I will jot this down as something to discuss with the other designers.

    Once again, thank you for the great feedback! I actually had a massive wall of text written up in reply (twice as big as this if you can believe it), but realized that I can't release a lot of those details yet since they are still being discussed and could very much change in major ways, sorry! Once they are ironed out and cleaned up, look for updates addressing a lot of these features. I hope that you will continue to give feedback so we can improve upon them even more! Please let us know if you have feedback on anything else or comments/questions regarding what I posted here.

    TLDR: The design team agrees with you! Huzzah!
  • May 2014
    Post: 3

    Hi Honeybear! I'm on the art team so I can't address things like David just did, but I did want to just say I really appreciate the time you took to leave all this feed back! I mean really, it's a lot, and your thoughts are very on point and critical which is good :) It's awesome that you spent enough time playing that you could develop all these suggestions and shared it with us. I hope you can continue to stick with us until the big re hauls (combat is coming soon!) so we can evaluate together how it's improved and if you had additional input on the new things.

    Cheers for playing and seeing all the ways we could improve :)

  • May 2014
    Post: 4

    Definitely looking forward to the new combat system then, I’ll add on a new post to this after it’s come out and I’ve played around with it. I look forward to being able to hit things, although I will say it might be neat if accuracy varied with the weapon. EX: It’s way harder to hit a moving opponent with a gun than a sword I think. Not sure how hard that would be to implement.

    Running Away: I’d love the combat to be so good I wouldn’t think about running away! Although I’m sure some people will do what I did and for instance and run into an “Uncommon Skirmish Island” or the equivalent and run in not realizing everything is nearly twice their level :) I also know that sometimes people (like me) will get into combat and THEN realize the guy with the healing spell is out of mana, and when you’re doing island after island of combats, sometimes doing one you can’t win just doesn’t sound like fun. So I’ll throw a few more ideas onto the table along with the obvious issues they have and see what you think.

    -Increasing or Randomized Difficulty: What if (on the randomly generated islands at least) combats were randomized? (Always assuming leaving combat sends you back to the beginning of the island) If you run away, you may or may not come back to the same fight. This encourages people to stick around and fight what they have so they don’t get something worse. But they also might just run over and over again until they get an easy fight. You could also scale up the difficulty, every time you run the fight could get harder. Of course skilled or high level players might run on purpose to fight higher level mobs for more xp, or the chance of loot etc. Lower level or unskilled/ungeared players may complain they can’t finish an island because they can’t fight anything.

    -Removing Random Islands Entirely?: What if when you run away from a random island you lose the island from you list? They’re only around 24 hours as it is. Yes, that’s harsh. But players can’t exploit it. Death would let them stay and try again, but to run would be to leave. To adapt this for permanent/repeatable islands maybe respawn all the enemies? That could be “exploited” for xp, but I don’t feel that that would be a whole lot different than digging up a skirmishing island anyways. And no loot chest at the end for your trouble.

    -Loss of “Moral”-Maybe if you run away your party members take a “moral” hit, if they lose too much they go back to your home island until they regain some confidence? This way you could have a set number of times people can run away before their party starts diminishing. Moral levels could be set by character level, and when you lose all of yours you become too afraid/intimidated/cowardly to return to that island? Reloading an island should not reset the moral for it, nor should leaving and coming back. The idea would be that this place specifically has become too much for someone. Same basic issues as the others with resetting health and mana, but with a built in limit.

    Instead of Running Away... What if instead of running away you altered how health regeneration works? What if relogging no longer reset health and mana pools. You could save that data the same way you save which berries we've picked or mobs we've killed. So when we reload an island we'd have the same health we had before. That way relogging wouldn't be an exploit, and running doesn't give an advantage. You could make it so that being on your home island either slowly regenerates health, or heals you completely once every however often, or both even. And defeating/completing a random island should heal you as well. That way we always have a means to get hp back, but it's not always instant. It means spending time on our island crafting, collecting resources etc is more attractive because we'll heal up while we do it. And it could level the playing field so that people can't just start every combat at full unless they're going all the way back to their home island and spending some time there.

    Jetpack: I’ve only used the jetpack on the random islands, but for all of them (harvesting/resource/creature) I had a very hard time seeing and clicking the islands. I knew they were there, so I ended up running around the rim of the island until I could see it, and started clicking. Maybe if we could scroll out more, or if the random islands had a set distance they were generated from the one we land on? Often the problem is simply that the only bit of the island I can see if behind the party's portraits. I also noticed that sometimes trees get in-between you and where you’re going, I actually stop and land in front of trees. Not sure if that was intentional.

    Oh also, is there currently a way to spend my Iocoins? I can't find it :D

    TLDR: Excited for patches. More "Run Away" ideas, or altering hp regen. More jetpack. Iocoins?

  • May 2014
    Post: 5

    Bumping my thread to see if anyone has some feedback on the ideas ^.^
  • May 2014
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    it would be nice to have a place to store extra gear we dont want to discard or disassemble and a better way to keep track of what we have given to the captains