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  • June 2014
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    I'm sure others have mentioned this. Or maybe they haven't.
    I've been playing for a bit, and I'm level 12.

    Up until around level 10 or so, I found that the quest lines rarely just dropped out with nothing to do. But, since then I've been stalling. The only quest I have is to save that mining outpost every day. The other two towns are too low level to be worth the time I have to put in to complete them, and when I hit 12, all I got was a new captain. Not even a new quest. So, literally the entire 12 level I'm having to grind a quest line a day.

    I'm getting to the point of boredom, waiting for something else to happen.

    Maybe a quest line at 12 would have helped? Or, for the towns to have more quests. Or for combat to give more XP.
    Honestly, right now other than grinding my levels, the only thing I have to keep me busy is saving up for a new island.
  • June 2014
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    We're still tuning the whole leveling experience.  Our goal is to remove any form of grinding (since grinding isn't fun).  We're also overhauling the islands you visit from level 1-17.  We'll have more updates on that in the upcoming weeks :-)
  • June 2014
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    Well, there's grinding, then there's "Awesome Super Fun Mini-Adventures" that are at their core basically grinding, but everyone is enjoying them too much to notice the grindy aspects.  For example: resource farming vs. scavenger hunts, routine island-hopping vs. clue collecting mystery solving, monotonous material gathering vs. adventurous searches for ancient artifacts (while picking up resources along the way).

    Here's a suggestion I often suggest to suggestible social game developers who seek suggestions: why not tap into the collective creativity of board & card creators who regularly deal with the problem of making games fun even after dozens of plays?  Go to boardgamegeek.com and ask their forums for advice on how to make repeatable mini-missions/quests/events/thingies that let players level up without feeling all grindy and boring?  Give them a set of limits and factors (must be steampunk, must be single player, must be somewhat random for repeated playing, must have simple AI, etc.), invite them to try out Steam Bandits to get inspired, and remind them it's an alpha and you don't want anything complicated because you're trying to get the game launched so things like multi-player will have to wait until version 2.0 or even 3.0.

    Personally, I think a variety of micro-games would do it.  Lots of little strategy and tactical board/card games that take five-ten minutes to play.  You could either let the player set the goal, as in "Do you want to win resources, gold or experience?" or have a few games with all those elements on the board and the player has to decide what to go for.  Example: Revolution.  Instead of trying to gain control of town buildings you bid for dominion over forests, lakes, mines, etc., for their resources or go for points to gain more experience.  Or maybe a variation of Zombie Dice where you roll for resources while trying to avoid gathering too many exploding airship icons.

    Or you could set up a game where players have to travel to different islands (and while there pick up resources, fight baddies, find pets, etc.) to find clues/items that lead to the solution of a puzzle.  But the fun trick would be to allow access to the adventure-making tools so creative players can make their own adventures and dialogue, submit them to you and (if approved) added to the game as a randomized event people can participate in rather than go out grinding.

    Anyway, these are just suggestions from one person.  I'm sure the gamers at boardgamegeek.com could come up with a lot more and better suggestions... and more examples.
  • June 2014
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    Hmmm... thinking about how they could slip in micro-games I thought of a mini-game you could play while riding airships to new islands.  A Steam Bandits style combination of "Reversi" and "Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock" where you have ten turns to flip markers into the resources you want against the AI, kind of like aggressive puzzle solving.  I wonder if I can make a web demo with the limited skills I have.  Maybe with Adobe Edge.