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  • July 2014
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    1. Character stats instead of just item based stats.
    Pros: Leveling up would have some actual meaning beyond hitpoints and mana, and would help some characters overcome inconvenient stat placement from their default gear.
    Cons: It would require some readjusting to the combat engine, but since everything is borked right now anyways I think this wouldn't be that big an issue.

    2. Building decoration theme: Derelict or Abandoned, a western theme, and some seasonal themes such as Halloween decorations or Winter [insert something relevant to you here] themes.
    - I really want to make my desert island look like an abandoned mining town, personally. Bonus points if you add the themes to harvesters and other miscellaneous buildings.

    3. The ability to have more than one character per account.
    - I like this idea in general, since I love making new characters, but it would be especially nice right now since combat for higher level characters is completely unwinnable because of the latest patch.

    4. Pokemon style pet battles.
    - Come on, what else are we going to do with a million kitties? Maybe make it like Insectron from Rogue Galaxy instead, so that there's a bit more strategy. You could even duel other players, with each player taking their turn when they log on (and forfeiting the match if you don't take your turn within 24 hours of the last player). If your pets level up high enough, they could become traveling companions and help you out against monsters and bandits. You could even have armor and weapons made for your traveling pets. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a war platypus with a poison barb attack, or a panda bear with a steam powered battle suit and a turreted Gatling gun on his back?
  • July 2014
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    Hey Shatari, I'm not on the design team so I can't really say exactly what can and can't be done but there are a few extra systems being built to add to progression, but, as of yet, it isn't character stat trees. I also believe their may be some extra plans for pets besides just sitting and looking pretty but that isn't something I can reveal quite yet! 

    I do agree with the ability to have more than one character per account but it isn't on the development teams priority list as at the moment and additional themes are something we might be talking about internally quite soon. 

    Other than that, I totally want a panda bear with a steam powered battle suit. I think I'm going to go bug our character artist...
  • October 2014
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    *Building suggestion*
    ship: Converts a public dock into a holding pen for an old, unusable
    airship, effectively turning it into a warehouse.

    Note: Players must first loot these
    airships on rare advanced combat islands, found after sending your
    pilots out to look for a missing airship (with a low chance of
    finding the ship (at the end of a combat island), and a strong chance
    of finding an ambush instead (a high level combat island of pirates).
    You could even have different models, from clippers to cargo ships to
    the rare military warship. You could even have a story mission to
    grant a unique ship or two that the player could get.

    Effect: Allows the player to store
    weapons, armor, and equipment; helping to keep their inventories

    Upgrades: In exchange for flox bars and
    planks, you can repair the holds and engines enough to support larger
    loads. This allows resources from your harvesters to automatically be
    harvested once per hour and stored in the hold (up to a max of one
    harvest per upgrade).

    Special note: As a safety measure, you
    can not remove this building unless you have taken all inventory
    items out of it. Destroying the dock adds the ship back into your

    Decoration options: The ship defaults
    to a heavily damaged wreck that is barely held together, and can be
    decorated to look either repaired or fortified as a pirate deterrent.