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  • November 2014
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    And too basic.  Need stronger opponents that use different strategies.  In a tough fight, have the trainer poke his head in and offer advice, like "They're ganging up on you, but their attacks are weak.  Increase your armor and their punches will feel like tickles.  You're not ticklish, are you?"

    Or in a team match have the other fighters focus entirely on the player, then have the trainer yell "You've got a medic on your team, USE 'EM!  Get bandaged up before you bleed all over my floors."

    Or how about "Nigel there was a rising star in the music hall venue, have him show off his tap dancing skills to distract the enemy while you take careful aim for a better chance of a critical hit."

  • November 2014
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    Thanks for these suggestions! I also sent these out to the design lead. We are already updating the prologue area quite a bit and making the training more challenging, so these changes will be implemented as soon as possible.