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  • Jala December 2014
  • November 2014
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    1: Charles Townshend is too powerful.  Nearly every time he shoots he kills.  Need to reduce his damage by at least half or the fights will be too easy.

    2: Going up levels so fast I'm getting dizzy and there's not a fainting couch in sight.  I just finished Griffin's Roost and already I'm level 13.  Going up this quickly makes leveling a cheap, tawdry affair.  Worth little and insignificant to one's ego.  Players will max out in a few days if they keep advancing this quickly and you'll be inundated with complaints about end-game content.

    3: What is with these double rewards?  We get a reward when the fight's over, then another reward after we get experience.  Feels like you're desperately trying to bribe us.  If so, I'll take chocolate-covered gold coins.
  • December 2014
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    I didn't have difficulties with Charles Townsend that I remember, but I also had the experience with leveling too fast.  I was lvl 20 and still gaining exp when I ran out of quests.