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  • January 2015
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    Started a new game, and i've been playing for 3 hours or so. I really love all of the improvements since i last played this game many months ago!!! :D

    With that said there were 2 small things i noticed. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but Spyke Alpha is so powerful, and has trivialized all of the combat in the game thus far. Again, i don't know if this was for testing/balancing purposes, but as of now, the early combat is a snooze...

    Second thing i wanted to point out was that i've acquired some gear that i'm currently unable to equip, the issue is that even though the game mentions that the item is level restricted it doesn't tell me what the minimum required level for the item is. So now i have go in and check every single time i level up to see if they're equip-able.

    That's really all i have for now. Back to playing the game :)

    EDIT: Unless it is a bug, it would seem that Spyke's basic attack is actually a power attack.

    EDIT #2: So I've put in a few more hours, got more captains, and ran through a good deal of content. Overall, I can't say I like the current combat system with the current content :(

    Basic attacks are far too strong, and enemies gain initiative waaaaay too slowly. I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I ever took any damage, and I haven't found any need to use any special attacks or heals because enemies are punching bags that just stand there and fall over. Also, i doesn't help that characters level up faster than the content they're doing at that point in time. TBH I like the ATB-inspired system but the lack of interaction from enemies makes questing/dungeons a bore, and honestly I'd prefer the old turn-based system because the enemies actually hit back :/
  • January 2015
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    Agree on all points but the last.  Level up too fast and you suck all the fun out of gaining experience.  While the gear is still a work-in-progress it's currently not adding anything meaningful to the game.  And the combat is so easy it's more annoyance than anything else.

    (Pausing here so Iocaine employees can comfort Jason Fader with ice cream and encouraging words)

    The good news is they keep trying new ideas, not afraid to change something that doesn't work, and seek out player feedback.  I've seen too many games sink into oblivion because their flaws were permanently hard-coded before the public even heard of the game.  So I'm sure things will get better.

    As for the combat system, I do like how it is now.  There's a lot more you can do with this than with turn-based systems.  The problem is you can't get a good feel for it right now because the enemies are too weak and you level up so fast that they become little more than speed bumps on the autobahn.  

     For example, with this timer-based system you could have "squirrels" and "elephants."  Squirrels do little damage but are so quick they get in two or three attacks to your one while being hard to hit, which require a completely different strategy than elephants, who are very slow (one attack for every two/three of yours) but when they hit cause a lot of damage and stuns the victim.  If you have a wide variety of different speed/damage/strategy enemies this system really shines, but when everybody is the same it just doesn't go anywhere.

    Another advantage to this timer system is how weapon choice plays an important role.  A dagger is quick, getting in more attacks and possibly doing damage when an enemy attacks you, but a sledgehammer puts a bloody great dent in your opponent's body armor.  A rapier would be much more effective against squirrels than a gun, you would get in more attacks and do just enough damage to whittle the furry little mob down, while a blunderbuss would be overkill (100 damage to a 2 hit point critter) and you'd be nibbled to death in the time it took you to reload, even though technically speaking they both do the same amount of damage over the course of an entire fight.

    Here's an example of speed vs power that might help in understanding the timer system.

    There's a lot that can be done with the combat system as they have it now, but they're too busy working on everything else to focus on just this one aspect.  I'm hoping that after they finish the game and release it to the world they'll come out with mod capabilities allowing us players to make our own islands and tweak the combat into new and interesting variations.  I can see hundreds of possibilities that would be easy to implement as long as they set it up for variety.  I even tried making a timer-based collectable card brawling casual mobile game once where players could make their own cards & fighters quickly and easily with a built-in balancing point system, but couldn't find a programmer who was interested in joining the team.  So I know it can be done without complexity while being open to a lot variety.
  • January 2015
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    Great feedback!

    Spyke is VERY overpowered right now and will be fixed in the next patch.

    Combat still needs to be tuned a bit and we've been working on making it muuuuch more balanced.  Currently fights go too quickly and there is no real thought needed to succeed.  That's not how we envision combat, so it will be changing :-)  Enemies will have more health and do more damage, and player abilities will be getting more diverse and interesting.  A lot of these changes should be in the Beta1 patch, which we're shooting for a release in a few weeks.

    Items are also changing a little bit to be more balanced and more forgiving with level restrictions.

    We love hearing feedback, so feel free to share any other thoughts you have on your play experiences!