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  • February 2015
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    Hi there!
    Now, time to test this new version, but I already started a bit. If it's oki I'll skip the extra description when it's self-explanatory.

    My first bug is that after upgrading resource buildings they stop generating anything, can't refine, but they can upgraded further; same thing happens with the crafting building. There's a button to craft equipment, but there's nothing to craft, just a blank "Crafting Categories" page.

    Location: Rare Varmint Island
    Quest: N/A
    Description: Seems I found the Rustling Bush, but nothing happens when I click it. I will update with all islands that have this issue.
  • April 2015
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    Location: Starting Island
    Quest: To Adventure!
    Description: Captain searched for island - found island - talked to Archi he gave me googles.
    I don't have googles in my inventory, instead I have a Skirmish Island (which I can't equip), and no island to explore if I try to travel to the skirmish island.

    I might need a reset for this one. Also submitted a bug report.
  • April 2015
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    We're going to release a patch in a few days that should address that issue, plus the patch will be revamping the tutorial stuff a bit.  I'll do a round of resets for folks around that time :-)