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  • April 2015
    Post: 1

    Hi there,
    I am kind of stuck on the tutorial island (by the way, a lot has changed since the last time I played... looks promising^^). Had a desync, and know Katrina keeps joining my party and i cant accept any quests (nor do i have any). I already build archibold and was told to leave the island.

  • April 2015
    Post: 2

    I just checked out your account and it looks like you're stuck in the old old tutorial :-O

    I'll reset you so you can see the new stuff :-)
  • April 2015
    Post: 3

    I guess I'm still in the tutorial island? I finished the quest "In Need of Repairs" or so I thought because I returned to my island with the rewards. However, I then I lost connection and It shows I never received rewards and that the quest was still active. It wont let me proceed or advance. :( I think it is a fun game but I can only do so much unless I can do another quest it seems. 

    Please help

  • April 2015
    Post: 4

    Hmm, it looks like you're in a weird quest state.  I think we found the issue and can prevent this from happening to others in the next patch, but we can't fix your game unless we reset it.  Is that okay?
  • April 2015
    Post: 5

    Yes Please. :) I wouldn't mind restarting if it means that I could continue game progress :)
     Thank you again
  • April 2015
    Post: 6

    Done :-)