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  • April 2015
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    Just wanted you to know that I'm liking what you did with captains and harvesting buildings.  Great job!  If you're going to expand this I'd suggest you add a new building: the Library.  Send minions there to learn whatever new skills you introduce later on (gourmet chef, race car driver, belly dancing, etc.) or increase existing skills for a price.  Like say if you wanted to move someone from the water harvester to the lumber yard for extra planks, you could pay a lot of gold to get them from skill level 1 to 10.

    The library could be built up to school, college, and university where each stage offers more types of training, quicker turnaround times, able to handle more than one minion at a time, and maybe research new things.
  • April 2015
    Post: 2

    Hmmm... good idea!  We'll look into doing something like that in a future patch :-)
  • April 2015
    Post: 3

    Just thought of another thing to suggest: hiring all-purpose workers.  Right now you've got it so when we get a non-captain minion they can only work at a specific job.  How about letting us hire (or build a house for) workers who we can move around the various buildings as needed or to get their skill up in certain areas.  You could tie this in with the town hall, one generic minion for every three levels.