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  • April 2015
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    during  the tutorials, i finished all the quests was about to get on the ship to travel to my island and the game crashed, when i logged back in it says i have no quests iand i still have katrina in my party and a cannot get on the ship..... ive spoken too every npc and restarted the game 100000000000000 times. cnt you please help
  • April 2015
    Post: 2

    yeah i have this same problem too
  • April 2015
    Post: 3

    Hey hey!

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  I'm looking into it.  I have a couple of questions, if you have any more info on the issue:
    • Are you still on the Skyrunner Training Platform when you log in?
    • Are any islands listed in the "My Islands" section of the travel menu?

    James A. Henley
  • April 2015
    Post: 4

    yes, still on the training platform and no i cnt accsess the island list, i litterly cant play this game till that bug is fixed or i get a reset
  • April 2015
    Post: 5

    when i 1st load into the game it goes through all the quest text with katrina to go challenge the sparring partners, but once all the text it over i run around and all the quests are done even building the robot. its like its ready to get me on the ship but wont interact with me
  • April 2015
    Post: 6

    I just checked out Riotz's character.  Looks like you're in the old tutorial.  I'll reset you so you can see the new stuff :-)
  • April 2015
    Post: 7

    thank you
  • April 2015
    Post: 8

    Everything work for you now, Riotz & Genoccide?