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  • June 2015
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    Been playing and enjoying the game on my tablet, but I've got a few suggestions for the touch controls.

    1. Make the buttons bigger or give us options to resize them to make it easier to see and touch them.
    2. Allow us to drag the camera a bit with our fingers.  Having it somewhat tethered is fine, but being able to move around the camera to figure out where you'd like to go before you go there would be nice.
    3. When in conversation, allow us to click somewhere in the background to exit the conversation and start moving to a location. This can help save some clicks by cutting out having to use the End Conversation button in some situations.
    4. When in combat, allow us to use a long press (I guess the touch version of "hover")  on a skill to see what it does.

    I really like what you've guys done so far, especially the level of goofiness in the game. The slingchair in particular is pretty amazing.
  • June 2015
    Post: 2

    1. Completely agree - on a 7 inch tablet (and my phone) I can't hit anything in the main (or building) menus without sending my character running to all sorts of strange places on accident.

    2. I could be mistaken, but I think this was intentional to give the rest of the non-home/town islands more of an exploration feeling?

    3. I agree with this point to an extent. I don't know that we need the move portion necessarily and in some cases feel like it might be burdensome if you didn't mean to start moving that direction. But the tap to end conversations is a wonderful idea!

    4.Completely agree! I couldn't figure out how to do this at all... guessing there is no mobile way at the moment?
  • June 2015
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    I think a little bit of wiggle room would still be handy, and wouldn't ruin the exploration bit.  Plus, I don't think I should have to constantly re-explore my island to craft or assign jobs.  It would also make movement less monotonous on the tablet.  

    Tap, move a few yards, stop, tap, move a few yards, stop doesn't really feel user-friendly.  The alternative is constant tapping in the general direction you want to go, but that wears out you hand/fingers and pathing can get really weird.  I do prefer tapping to the faux thumbstick that a lot of android games use, but I just would like to tap less.  Being able to hold your finger on the screen and path to it, and being able to move it while still holding on the screen could be another useful movement improvement.

    Edit: found out you can zoom out in your towns.  That helps a lot with town maintenance, but field movement could use some love.