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  • June 2015
    Post: 1

    I cannot figure out the interface for this - how do i accept a Skyrunner's friendship request?
  • June 2015
    Post: 2

    It's a little buggy at the moment.  It should all be in the Social area (3rd button from the top right), and then there should be a Friend Requests section.  We've been focusing on fixing crash and balancing issues lately, and kind of kept pushing off testing this feature more thoroughly.  We'll bump this higher in the list :-)

  • June 2015
    Post: 3

    Can you do anything with friends yet?  What are your plans for multiplayer functionality (what you're working on and what you're dreaming would be awesome)?  It seems like right now you can visit each other's islands but that's about it.
  • June 2015
    Post: 4

    Hmm, there's a few things.  I'll list them :-)

    • Player shops - A special building players can place in their island and put stuff up for sale.
    • Social xp and Social levels - Gain social xp by going to other towns and interacting with stuff.  The interaction types are still being figured out.  Gaining social levels unlocks more decorations, pets, and vanity stuff.

    That's the stuff we're definitely doing.  There is a lot more we want to do, but we haven't been focusing on social interactions yet.  We wanted to get the core of the game feeling good, and then tackle social features.

    Other things we're thinking about:
    • PvP - Players can establish mining bases and set up defenses to protect their resource harvesting.  Other players can come in and attempt to take the mining base over.  The resources from the mining bases will only be useful for crafting pvp stuff.
    • Player Created Maps - Similar to Neverwinter Online, this would enable players to create their own dungeons and islands, which other players can run through for loot.
    • User Generated Content - Allow the community to create custom assets like weapons, pets, props, etc.  If approved, it would get into the game and as players purchase them, the creator would get a large cut.  This is similar to TF2's hat system.

    Those things are a much lower priority unless the community demand for them is higher than what we're currently working on (story stuff, town farming stuff).