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  • October 2015
    Post: 1

    Hi Guys,

    FYI - got Silica_Old from Griffin's Roost quest - 

    To help us out, please use this format when reporting errors:
    -Island: (what island did this happen on?) - Griffins Roost
    -Quest: (do you remember what quest you were on?) - Geo Surveillance - rat fight before dropping second survey unit
    -Error Popup: (what popup or message did you see when the error happened?) - No popup, have silica_old item in inventory, not joining group of silica I had collected.
    -Description: (describe the error and what you were doing when it occured. If you were in a fight, try and let us know who you were fighting) Silica_old dropped as reward for defeating second set of enemies on this quest - two rats, one was red/brown, cna't remeber name though, but it was tougher than white/brown rat with it.

    Hope that's enough info, will update if I notice any other anomalous material drops.

  • October 2015
    Post: 2

    Enemy was "Agitated Rat Troll" if that helps - second fight was with one of them with red fur and one with white fur.
  • October 2015
    Post: 3

    Seems to drop from variety of enemies on the map "Griffins Roost" - I'll report if I find on any other areas.