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  • December 2015
    Post: 1

    I know this topic has been somewhat discussed before, but I am not sure
    if this issue has been resolved and or what was the specific cause.

    purchasing a new island called Common Island #2a_01 (should the #2a_01
    be there?), I get a desync error. Which is annoying in my case because
    when trying to re-log in, the game basically has an infinite loading

    Thus, I have to re-install the game (which luckily the game isn't that big).

  • January 2016
    Post: 2

    We're in the middle of changing how you acquire new islands.  Going through the shop should have been disabled, but we left it in there for testing.  We should have that resolved in the next patch.
  • January 2016
    Post: 3

    Alright no problem, thanks!