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  • January 2016
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    So far I have played for about 10 hours, and wanted to give my first impressions from a consumer standpoint. Most of the points will focus on things I would like to see improvements on.
    (I just want to note, that I'm not a game developer/designer so whatever I say is completely subjective and shouldn't be taken to heart)

    Loading Times/Server
    Maybe it is just my computer, which seems illogical, but the loading times in this game border Skyrim level loading times. I don't know if this could just be a server issue or just the way memory is allocated, but overall this could be overlooked.

    This brings me to my second point. Server timeouts happen very frequently, and tend to reset my character about 2 minutes back from whatever I was doing. In the games current state it seems most things revolve around a single player experience, so it would make more sense to have an offline mode. At least for the sake of play testing, an offline mode would allow either players with weaker internet signals to still experience the game in longer durations without having things such as server timeouts.

    Now I assume that the game is always connected to the server to give you, the devs, better player feedback without the players actually having to say anything. So if that is a major reason why the game has no offline mode, I understand.

    Sprites/Island Design
    When I first started placing buildings in my island I was confused as to why there was only two directions the building can be placed. The buildings can only face (approx.) a southern or eastern direction. It would be better if each building can be rotated completely with all four cardinal directions. I only say this primarily because many of the island design layouts tend to look somewhat weird because they are offset by limited directions. Additionally, you could maximize space more efficiently on your island while having a cleaner look.

    Now I understand sprites take up a big portion of game memory, and the artists would have to draw an additional two sprites for every building already created.

    Although I know this is a very simplistic game, some in game manuals would be much appreciated. Or at least a sub thread on the forums titled guides, where users can submit their own guides (Farming guide etc.).
    For the longest time I didn't know what my character's stats icons represented until I looked it up on the fan made wiki page.

    Bug Reporting
    There is no in game option to report bugs (unless I am missing something), and the only way to do that is to submit a thread on this forum.

    This is just a brief look into things that I personally would like to see improvements on. So far the game has a very charming appeal, and I can see a lot of potential. But the game severely lack polish in my opinion even for a beta stage. But I will stick around, and eagerly wait to see what you guys do next with the game. Thanks for listening.

  • January 2016
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    Excellent feedback!

    The game currently is unoptimized, so the load times will be getting much better in the future.

    We don't get a lot of reports on server disconnects.  What part of the world are you in?

    We can't do an offline mode since the game will have a lot of MMO-ish features closely tied into the game like an auction house (well, player shops), trading, and other social interactions.  We're also going to have more stuff in the future like pvp and guilds.

    For building rotation, we're probably not going to have the back of buildings visible by launch.  We're a pretty small team and creating the backs of every building would be a lot of work since we'd need to hand-draw each and every single one :-(

    We plan on having better documentation in the future, as well as better tutorials for players.  Since some features we're adding are still fairly new, they'll probably be changing quite a bit until launch, so guides would quickly get outdated.  Farming should be getting more solid in a few patches and we'll have a tutorial quest to introduce all of its nuances.

    We used to have an internal bug reporting system, but we found it wasn't helpful for us since most reports were "Hey, this thing is broken!" without a whole lot of info for us to track down what they were talking about.  Going with forum bug reporting (and more specifically the Trello board https://trello.com/b/TaahFgB3/steam-bandits-community-bugs ) helps us have a way to reply to submitted bugs and get more info.

    This is still the early part of beta, so polish will be coming around the Beta 4/5 timeframe.  To see our full beta plan, check out this handy thread :-)  https://www.steambanditsoutpost.com/forums/index.php?p=/discussion/820/beta-roadmap/p1
  • January 2016
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    Thank you very much for the long/informative response.

    Server disconnects seem to happen almost anywhere, but my internet is different now so I will see if the problem still persists.

    I'm glad to hear about many of these issues or concerns are at least being considered as the game moves along through beta. You guys seem to have the planning aspect nailed down so no need to overstate each aspect of the game discussed here.

    Keep up the great work dev team!