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  • September 2016
    Post: 1

    I tryed multiple tablets, phones, nothing works its all timeout, how fast the connection gota be?
  • September 2016
    Post: 2

    Hmm, are you able to log into the Steam version okay?
  • September 2016
    Post: 3

    I tryed steam version its fine but android always times out
  • September 2016
    Post: 4

    Just reproduced the issue on our side.  No eta on a fix just yet, but we're tracking down the cause of the bug now.
  • September 2016
    Post: 5

    K ty  i was scared it was my 10meg to 15meg connection 
  • October 2016
    Post: 6

    Any luck fixing
  • October 2016
    Post: 7

    We're a little stumped on it and have been poking at the problem for the last few weeks.  It looks like something changed in the Google Play Store with how apps get permissions to access the network, and the version of Unity we're using didn't do things the right way.  The real fix will be to update our engine to the latest version of Unity, but when we tried that, a ton of errors broke the game entirely.

    It's going to take us a while to fix this one :-(
  • October 2016
    Post: 8

    dang dint think it be a caustrophic issue0.0
  • October 11
    Post: 9

    is android ever going to get a update?
  • October 15
    Post: 10

    Glyth said:

    is android ever going to get a update?

    Not any time soon :-/  We lost most of the team and are making a much smaller game now.  I'm posting updates on our progress on Kickstarter if you'd like to see the planned changes:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iocainestudios/steam-bandits-outpost-0/updates
  • October 24
    Post: 11

    im willing to learn if you can train a new team member:P