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  • January 2015
    Post: 1

    New Stuff
    • Lots of tutorial/prologue changes.
    • Captain Harquin redesigned
    • Combat abilities now come in 3 flavors: Instant, Turn, and Charged. Instant abilities will not consume your turn. Turn abilities consume your turn. Charged abilities are pretty strong, consume your turn, trigger after a charge-up time, and can be interrupted by other abilities (bosses use these a lot, so interrupting them is a good strategy)
    • Added combat conversations for more story hooks during fights.
    • Added the Walkie Talkie to allow characters to remotely phone the player. This is currently only used by Jonas, but we’ll be using this all over the place eventually ;-)
    • The camera is now locked to the player while in their town (similar to Animal Crossing). The camera still is unlocked when placing buildings.
    • Clicking on something no longer moves you to it. Clicking on it again will move you to it. Now players can assess an enemy before auto-moving.
    • Default movement speed sped up a little.
    • Lots of balance tweaks.
    • Lots of ability effects fixed.
    • Other fixes. (we really should keep better track of what we’ve fixed…)
  • January 2015
    Post: 2

    So, looking forward to this.
    New title screen made my jaw drop. Well done!
  • January 2015
    Post: 3

    Do like:  New title screen, movement speed seems to have been increased (or the animation makes me look faster), all the new items I can make.
    Not really a fan of the locked camera on home islands.  It makes it such a pain to be able to see what your various buildings are doing.  I can only imagine how much of a pain that's going to be on the android client.
  • January 2015
    Post: 4

    We're on the fence with the island locking.  Some players really liked it, others not so much.  We're thinking about making it an option in the menu. :-)
  • January 2015
    Post: 5

    We just released a small hotfix to address users getting stuck at the sparring bot in the Skyrunner Training Platform.  Should be up now :-)
  • January 2015
    Post: 6

    I like it so far. But I died the first time on the final battle in the first dungeon. I think a poptip talking about to get Jonas to heal would be good. Got it once I remembered to do that the second time around.
  • January 2015
    Post: 7

    Still no tea time with crumpets and conversation?  Bummer.
  • January 2015
    Post: 8

    I really, really like the new title screen. 
  • January 2015
    Post: 9

    The title screen looks terrific!  I hope you have more artwork like that for the various loading screens.

    Really don't like the camera lock on your own islands.  I usually pop in, grab stuff, send captains on missions, then log out.  Fun thing to do while I'm waiting for another program to render/start/load a new arena.  Can't do it quick enough when I have to move my guy all around the islands.

    Everything else is looking good.  Great job!
  • February 2015
    Post: 10

    Thanks and I will let them know! :D