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  • August 2012
    Post: 1

    Mine's Tropico 2: Pirate's Cove :-D
  • August 2012
    Post: 2

    Dwarf Fortress definitely takes the cake for me. Although the learning curve is more like a learning wall, the graphics aren't great and it's not so much a traditional city-builder, it's depth and complexity are truly a wonder to behold.
  • August 2012
    Post: 3

    The Sim City series
    Also played The Settlers series back in the day
  • August 2012
    Post: 4

    Anno series, the combination of city building/planning economy and combat (even if its a little shallow on the combat), is so very impressive.
  • August 2012
    Post: 5

    I know it's more of an mmo than a city builder, but I loved the game puzzle pirates and how the buildings and cities and islands thrived as more players built homes, shops and even government buildings on them. I really would love to see gaming tables in the taverns or inns of steam bandits out posts, à la puzzle pirates. A place wear people can hang out and gamble, chat, challenge each other, etc. Hearts and poker where my favourite part of puzzle pirates.
  • August 2012
    Post: 6

    Sim City 4: Rush Hour.  I loved the myriad of possibilities and my sheer determination to include a monorail in every town, no matter what.

  • August 2012
    Post: 7

    I like Black and White 2 a lot, but overall I would have to go with Civ. 4.
  • August 2012
    Post: 8

    I really like SimCity Societies. There are a ton of problems from a technical perspective (the game crashes constantly), but I keep playing it anyway. I like that my town can evolve in very distinct ways depending on what I build. I once took a town through an evolution from peaceful small village, to college town, to giant financial and trade center, into authoritarian rule, to postapocalyptic ruin (courtesy of meteors :D), and slow rebuilding of small pockets of civilization, complete with wandering bands of homeless survivors. Not many town building games continue to evolve in that way.

    I loved the old Civ games, too. 
  • August 2012
    Post: 9

    I know it's more of a strategy game than a city builder, but I really like Rise of Legends. It's probably still my favorite LAN PC game, period (can play individually, but it's more fun to battle against or with your friends). It's somewhat similar to Civilization IV actually but it's not an mmo and there is more city building involved as the maps are on the smaller side and you can't really use a hide to recoup strategy.

    I also enjoy Sim City.
  • August 2012
    Post: 10

    I'm a big fan of the Anno series as well as the Settlers series. Big fan of design strategy (or as those germans like to call it aufbaustrategie games) in general. Other favorites (though not technically town building) include the Civ series of course as well as other quirky games like evil genius and dungeon keeper :D
  • August 2012
    Post: 11

    I loved Civilization Revolution and I have very fond memories of the original Majesty.  The Settlers games are pretty awesome too.

  • August 2012
    Post: 12

    I really enjoyed the Tropico games, although I haven't played some of the others mentioned here.  Also, it was one of the first town building games I played.  I didn't like the SimCity one's after Tropico.  I can't put my finger on exactly why except there was a totally different feeling I got while playing.  The only thing I can point to is that I could actually see people moving and thriving or not as it happened.  That might be the biggest reason. 
  • August 2012
    Post: 13

    Tropico 3 is my personal favourite. I just wish the Tropico games could focus more on politics. 
  • August 2012
    Post: 14

    Once Sim city 3000 and 4 were my favourites until I played Tropico.There is no better town building game in my opinion.
  • August 2012
    Post: 15

    I would say I enjoy the CitiesXL games for city building, but for casual play I am enjoying Oregon Trail: American Settler. It is very much like facebook games but I haven't hit a wall in gameplay where I need to pay for something to continue playing. And unlike most casual builders it still holds my attention and draws me back for some reason.
  • August 2012
    Post: 16

    For settlement building, I personally favor The Settlers 2, Gold Edition. I used to play it in free mode (no enemies, no victory condition) just to build a thriving community.
    On another scale entirely, I could not go without recommending Civ 4 and Age of Wonders 2.
  • August 2012
    Post: 17

    Ducauv said:

    Dwarf Fortress definitely takes the cake for me. Although the learning curve is more like a learning wall, the graphics aren't great and it's not so much a traditional city-builder, it's depth and complexity are truly a wonder to behold.

    Not to mention the broken physics engine, killer unicorns, demons and wanton potential for insanity. Losing is fun indeed.

    It probably wouldn't count but i'd have to say Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
  • August 2012
    Post: 18

    FreCiv and also OpenTDD :-)
  • August 2012
    Post: 19

    I've been having a lot of fun with Gnomoria (spending way too many hours bossing the gnomes around).

     It's still in alpha, but it plays well, and the few quirks are being addressed in the almost weekly updates.
  • August 2012
    Post: 20

    I want to love Sim City, but I must be a really bad city-planner...my cities never took off.
  • August 2012
    Post: 21

    I always had problems with Sim City as well; management was never my strong suit. :)

    I was always a huge fan of Populous: The Beginning and the Black & White series.  For some reason, being in charge of little humans appeals to me.
  • August 2012
    Post: 22

    Purely based on nostalgia, I have to go with SimCity 2000.

    Black & White was a great game, but to be honest, I had completely forgotten that building was involved; that was never the draw for me.
  • August 2012
    Post: 23

    Mine fav build game's is Sim City :D
  • September 2012
    Post: 24

    Probably either OpenTTD or SimCity2000.

    Hard to say though, do the Kairosoft Android games count?  I've played the crap out of those lately - not all of 'em are Town Building to be sure, but a couple definitely qualify.
  • May 2014
    Post: 25

    not sure if you would call it a city builder but i have always loved the game Castles
  • May 2014
    Post: 26

    At the moment I am playing Banished, which I think is brilliant.

    Other than that, I am also playing again Children of the Nile.
  • July 2014
    Post: 27

    I just discovered Dungeon Town.  It's a lot like how I thought Steam Bandits was going to be, before it turned more quest-oriented. 
  • August 2014
    Post: 28

    Dark Cloud 2
    Breath of Fire 2
     has my favourite town though.