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  • December 2015
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    First bug: This one affects gameplay and is INFURIATING!! Multiple times, I have come across berries, clicked on them, and there is a thin invisible wall around it. It mostly happens in a corner between the edge of the island and a rock (Which happens more often than you would imagine) and when you try to get the berries, even if you have a jetpack, you beat around the bush and never get the berries! (Not mad or anything, in case my tone sounded like that)
    Second bug: Only a graphic bug, but a major one... and a funny one. The island's rock bottom vanishes, and you are left with floating moss and protruding flox crystals. What also happens: The grass and flox disappears as well, and you are left with curiously floating buildings!

    Notes: Textures: highest, fewer decorative objects is unchecked. Trees and other objects still are there... Floating. Sorry I couldn't get a screenshot...
  • December 2015
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    Note 2- The second bug (I call it Invisible Island bug) only happens when I am in game for a LOOOOONG time. Like, 3-4 hours on end.
  • February 2016
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    Is this the invisible island you're speaking of? I've noticed this too and traveling to different areas does not correct it.


  • February 2016
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    I think this issue happens after the game has been running for a while.  Has something to do with a buffer being flushed.  Restarting the game should fix it for now.
  • February 2016
    Post: 5

    That does seem to correct it. Thank you, Jason.
    I just figured I'd try traveling around to see if it reacted any differently (because beta testing) and the above is the result.
  • March 2016
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    thanks for the help!