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  • August 2012
    Post: 1

     I've created some threads for people to discuss their favourite Movies/Music/Books. Here's my attempt at forming a stronger community :)
  • August 2012
    Post: 2

    Recently I've been watching anime films and found them to very enjoyable and fun to watch.

    Just wanted to ask for your recommendations on good anime films to watch.

    Thanks in advance! 
  • August 2012
    Post: 3

    I don't know of any anime films in particular, but I know I'd recommend the Trigun series.  It was only one season, but it told a great story and had some awesome characters.  It had a space western theme, two of my favourite things!
  • August 2012
    Post: 4

    Redline is a great anime film. By great I mean beautiful. It's all hand animated and took like seven years or something and it really shows. The story itself
    isn't the best, but it's goofy and fun and definitely worth watching. It's about car racing in space. 

    Also all the films by Studio Ghibli? They're like...the best. Ever? Ever. 
  • August 2012
    Post: 5

    Not films, but two anime series that were great imo were (the recent) Nichijou and the old classic Azumanga Daioh, both great comedy if that's the genre you're looking for.  
  • September 2012
    Post: 6

    Changing the subject a little, has anyone seen Paranorman?  I thought it looked pretty cute, but I hadn't gotten around to seeing it just yet.