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  • September 2012
    Post: 1

    Sound off in here. What game are you hooked on? What makes it awesome? (I just know I'm gonna hear a lot of Borderlands II!)

    For my part, I'm switching between Torchlight II and Glitch. Torchlight satisfies the kill-everything-loot-stuff urge, while Glitch is very casual, has a giant crafting system and a really friendly community. (Let me know if you want to play, as I still have some beta invites.)

    So what are you all up to? :)
  • September 2012
    Post: 2

    I am playing a LOT of Team Fortress 2, ThreadSpace: Hyperbol and I'm slowly working my way through Krater; and when it gets released, Natural Selection 2.

    On a related note, I don't suppose I could get my hands on one of those Glitch Beta Invites, could I?
  • September 2012
    Post: 3

    World of Warcraft.  I get on with several friends from around the world and we run around rampaging through all the areas.  Looking forward to the pandas.
  • September 2012
    Post: 4

    When I'm not working on Steam Bandits I'm replaying Skyrim (altmer mage pyromaniac) and the Phoenix Wright series. I'm on Trials & Tribulations.
  • September 2012
    Post: 5

    Lindsey - did you pick up Dawnguard? I skipped it. Seems like too much money for an expansion of something (vamps, in this case) I'm not that into.
  • September 2012
    Post: 6

    I'm not playing Skyrim until someone comes out with a Loony Tunes mod.  I want to play Elmer Fud hunting a Daffy dragon, or play as Sylvester trying to catch a giant Tweety.  Or maybe Wily Coyote chasing a Road Runner dragon.  So many fun possibilities!
  • September 2012
    Post: 7

    Lindsey - did you pick up Dawnguard? I skipped it. Seems like too much money for an expansion of something (vamps, in this case) I'm not that into.

    Nope, didn't get it. Got Hearthfire, though! I'm building one bigass house instead of buying up all the property around Skyrim for no reason.
  • October 2012
    Post: 8

    Playing FTL (great indie game! Also kickstarted too!) and a fun dota/lol/rts hybrid called Airmech that's in open beta.

    Might get borderlands 2 if I can find some more free time... have heard good things about it.
  • October 2012
    Post: 9

    I am currently playing the best old-school-style RPG ever from Amaranth Games called Skyborne. Highly recommended, especially for those of you who are steampunk-minded. :)
  • October 2012
    Post: 10

    i was playing skyrim then i sort stumbled on a indy mmo called Xsyon which is pretty fun if your into sandbox game play and building then FTL came out and consumed a few weeks and now i'm sorta in limbo waiting for x-com.
  • November 2012
    Post: 11

    Fine, fiiiine. I suppose I can afford to give FTL my money. You folks have convinced me. :P
  • Gek
    December 2012
    Post: 12

    Skyrim... Fa la-la la-la la-FUS-RO-DAH!!!
  • March 2013
    Post: 13

    My buddy and I were in a bad mood last night so we wanted to smash some stuff! I picked up Castle Crashers again and he got to play it for the first time. :) Definitely a good "let's smash some stuff up" game!
  • March 2013
    Post: 14

    Firefall  because it reminds me of Unreal Tournament 2003/2004.  It is free to play MMO-FPS.  I love to play games where I can play with other people to work towards objectives.
  • March 2013
    Post: 15

    I am trying to play simcity :P

    Also grabbed some adventure games off GOG.... juggling Resonance, Syberia and The Longest Journey. It is uh. Certainly a learning experience. TLJ is charming in its own way but I am grateful that these days game writers have word budgets. And editors.
  • March 2013
    Post: 16

    I need to pick up Stonekeep off GOG one of these days! I got Temple Run 2 for my mom on her Kindle Fire and I think it's giving her anxiety hahaha
  • February 2014
    Post: 17

    I've been playing The Legend of Zelda Skyward sword a lot recently going for a second run through of the game :3.
  • June 2015
    Post: 18

    Let's revive this a bit, shall we!
    Pretty busy and don't really have time to play, but last one was I Shall Remain which is a top down, action, RPG, progressive skill leveling system and has zombies! While you can give this a shoot, I'm waiting Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter for Android. By the time F4 will be released, I hope I'll be settled and be able to play it!
    Plus, ofc, a lot of SBO! :D
  • June 2015
    Post: 19

    Splatoon - so much Splatoon! 
    Hyped for FFXIV's expansion Heavensward which releases tomorrow.
    And you guessed it, SBO - because must do the things! I love that I can SBO while I'm doing all these other things and it doesn't fall to the way-side like some games.